2019 Market Insight Report: Milk, Mylk and Myths

An exploration of the impact and drivers of milk alternatives In the last 10 years we’ve seen substantial changes in consumer attitudes towards traditional dairy,...

INTERVIEW: Energy Ball Recipes Founder Victoria Prince on Delivering Healthy Snack Kits to Your...

Last year, mailbox snack kit company EnergyBallRecipes.com launched on Kickstarter and has gone from strength to strength since then. The kits bring all the...

Introducing FLEXNEWS New Market Insights Series

FLEXNEWS is launching a new “Market Insight” series, kicking off with an in-depth look at the trends and changes shaping today’s egg and egg...

INTERVIEW: Wish to Ditch the Fish? NBO3 Seeks to Create Meat with Radical Omega-3...

30 April 2019- Many nutritional experts are convinced that vast swathes of humanity are suffering from an insufficient intake of omega-3 fatty acids (or...

Baby Milk Company Passionate About Promoting British Dairy’s Benefits

Infant formula is big business and it is central to the success of Kendal Nutricare, a milk powder company with a global mindset. Ben Briggs...

Interview: Allergy Alerts and the Planet-Conscious Consumer – Understanding the ever-changing landscapes and how...

Over the last ten years free-from products have increasingly become mainstream, according to Statista more and more people are turning to free-from foods for...

INTERVIEW: Future of Large-Scale Algae Production Means Approaching it Like Any Other Crop

05 February 2019- Omega-3 supplements, generally derived from fish oil, have rapidly become one of the most popular nutritional supplements in the US. However,...

Interview: Terramino on Alternative Protein Products and the Opportunity

7 September 2018- Protein products derived from plant sources, insects and cultured meats will be among the top food trends to watch in the coming years.

INTERVIEW: Good Karma Foods CEO Doug Radi Talks Flax-Based Milk, the Market and Opportunity

It seems the popularity of non-dairy milk alternatives is on a rise as consumers are increasingly opting for dairy-free, particularly, says Tom Bailey, RaboResearch Senior Analyst, when it comes to fluid 'milk' used on cereal or in coffee.

Global retail sales for dairy alternatives has grown at a rate of 8 percent annually over the last ten years. With retail sales valued at USD 15.6 billion, dairy-free 'milk' represented 12 percent of total fluid milk and alternative sales globally in 2017, according to Euromonitor.

FLEXNEWS caught up with Doug Radi, CEO Good Karma Foods to hear more about the flax-based milk alternative.

INTERVIEW: KP’s Sales Director Andy Riddle on the KP Portfolio and Snack Market

08 August 2018- KP Snacks, part of the Intersnack Group since 2013, is one of the biggest snack manufacturers in the UK. The company's snack portfolio includes brands such as McCoy's, Hula Hoops, Butterkist, KP Nuts, POM-BEAR.

INTERVIEW: MatchaBar’s Co-Founder Talks Matcha Beverages and the Matcha Opportunity

03 August 2018-Matcha a green tea powder from specially grown and processed Japanese green tea leaves can be used for drinking as tea or as an ingredient in recipes. According to a report from Grand View Research the global matcha market is expected to reach USD 5.07 billion by 2025.

INTERVIEW: Hydrosol’s Dr. Dorotea Pein on Dairy Alternative Stabilising and Texturing Systems

26 July 2018- Food stabilizers are used to modify and improve the appearance and palatability of a food product, according to market research the market was estimated to be valued at USD 7.41 Billion in 2015 and is projected to reach USD 9.10 Billion by 2020.

INTERVIEW: Nestle UK on Reducing Sugar and the Potential for ‘Structured Sugar’

19 July 2018- In the UK as part of the government's plan to reduce childhood obesity, the food industry, including retailers, manufacturers, restaurants, cafés and pub chains, has been challenged to cut 20% of sugar from a range of products by 2020, with a 5% reduction in the first year.

INTERVIEW: Soozy’s Co-founder and CEO Susan Chen on Delivering Healthy Tasty Baked Goods with...

12 July 2018- Last month baked goods company Soozy's secured USD 2.5 million in funding. Launched in 2017 Soozy's offers a line of quality baked muffins that deliver the same taste profile, texture and appeal of conventional products, while also providing all of the health benefits by eliminating grains, gluten, dairy, peanuts and soy.

FLEXNEWS caught up with Susan Chen, co-founder and CEO of Soozy's, to hear more about the company, its mission and its future plans.

INTERVIEW: Tayto Group’s CEO Paul Allen on Acquisitions and the UK Snack Market

04 July 2018- Tayto Group, which is owned by Northern Ireland family, the Hutchinsons, employs around 1,500 people across its operations and is the country's largest UK-owned crisp and snack manufacturer. Last month the company announced its second acquisition in as many months, adding a second popcorn and pork snacks brand to its portfolio. FLEXNEWS caught up with Paul Allen, CEO, Tayto Group to hear more about the UK market and trends.

INTERVIEW: In a Globalized, Novelty-Chasing Soda Market, Kofola Trades on Local Tradition

20 June 2018- In 1960's Czechoslovakia, an herbal-flavored soft drink was invented. Known as Kofola, the drink would become iconic while communism made western soft drinks such as Coca-Cola or Pepsi difficult to obtain. After a brief period out of fashion after the opening up of this market, Kofola re-emerged at the turn of the century. By 2009, sales of the post-Cold War incarnation had overtaken sales of the beverage at its height in the 1970's. By 2016, the group was estimated to hold the number 1 position in cola beverages in Slovakia and the number 2 position in the Czech Republic, and other items in the group's portfolio led adjacent categories such as water, syrups, concentrates, etc.

INTERVIEW: Fonterra’s Leon Clement on Dairy Beverages

8 June 2018- The global dairy beverage market is projected to reach USD 15 billion by 2023. One of the main reasons for the fast growth of this market is that people are increasingly paying more attention to their health. Dairy drinks are ideal for adding value in terms of nutrition and functional additives. They are naturally high in calcium and are perceived by consumers as nutritious, 'good for me' products.

INTERVIEW: Demand for ‘Clean’ and ‘Functional’ Almond Oil Seen Rising

22 May 2018- Increasing consumer preference for natural ingredients means the demand for almond oil is broad from cosmetics to pharmaceuticals and in the food industry it is used in food preparation, confectionary and dressings and dips. Blue Diamond is California's largest almond cooperative – representing more than 3,000 California growers. The company processes and ships its almond products to over 80 countries and offers ingredient customers an unparalleled array of almond forms and varieties.

FLEXNEWS caught up with Jeff Smith, Director of Marketing, Blue Diamond Almonds Global Ingredients Division to hear more about the almond oil market and the trends in the food sector.

Euromonitor: Interview with Vegan CEO of Clean Machine, a Plant-Based Fitness Nutrition Company

17 May 2018- Euromonitor Interview by Carolina Ordonez.

INTERVIEW: Barry Callebaut’s Bas Smit on Why We Need Ruby Chocolate

26 April 2018- In September 2017 Barry Callebaut unveiled a 4th type of chocolate 80 years after the introduction of white chocolate. After over a decade of experimenting and working with the Ruby cocoa bean the manufacture launched Ruby chocolate with its unique all-natural flavour and colour. According to the company Ruby chocolate offers a totally new taste experience, “which is not bitter, milky or sweet, but a tension between berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness”.

In January Nestle was the first company to launch a Ruby chocolate product with KitKat in Japan and South Korea, and this month UK consumers became the first in Europe to be able to buy Ruby KitKat. It is understood that both big and small brands as well as artisans are interested in exploring Ruby chocolate. FLEXNEWS caught up with Bas Smit, Barry Callebaut's Global Head of Marketing to hear more about the product and the market opportunity for Ruby chocolate.

INTERVIEW: D’vash Sees Traditional Date Syrup As Sweetener to Satisfy Modern Clean-Eating Demands

18 December 2017- Sugar is increasingly condemned by those seeking to improve public health. However, trying to get the world's dieters and clean eaters...

INTERVIEW: Coffee Flour Proposes Scalable Environmental Impacts by Cycling High Nutrient Coffee Cherries Back...

07 December 2017- It is estimated that the world will produce 159 million 60-kg bags of coffee beans in the 2017/2018 season. However, to produce the black brew feeding the world's caffeine addiction, the fruit surrounding each coffee bean (actually a seed) is discarded. This leads to a significant waste problem for farmers, causing local pollution problems and increasing the greenhouse gas footprint of the product as the decomposing "coffee cherry" releases methane.