Product Innovations & Scientific Developments

France: Roquette’s Bioplastic Plant Fully Operational

24 February 2012 - The Roquette Group, one of the world leaders in the processing of raw vegetable materials, is now becoming a major plant-based plastics player. It has successfully launched its first industrial production unit for GAIALENE® plant-based plastics at its main site in Lestrem (Pas-de-Calais).

Unilever and Evonik Extend Tea Decaffeination Partnership

12 April 2011 - Evonik Industries has announced today that it has extended its tea decaffeination partnership with Unilever's subsidiary Lipton.

Copa-Cogeca Welcomes Commission’s Decision on the Blending of Rosé Wine

June 9 - The European Commission decided yesterday to come back on its decision to allow rosé wine to be produced by blending red and white wines.

Solae, Senomyx Reach Milestone in Effort to Improve Taste of Soy Protein

St. Louis, MO and San Diego, CA, September 15, 2008 - Solae, the leading supplier of soy protein for food products, and Senomyx, Inc., a leading company focused on using proprietary technologies to discover and develop novel flavor ingredients for the food, beverage and ingredient supply industries, today announced they have reached critical milestones in their collaboration to improve the taste of soy protein.

More Proof Mediterranean Diet Can Ward off Heart Disease

Feb 26 - A Mediterranean diet high in olive oil, nuts, fish and fresh fruits and vegetables may help prevent heart disease and strokes, according to a large study from Spain.

Tetra Pak Launches Industry’s First Plant Based Package

16 October 2014 - Tetra Pak, the world leader in food processing and packaging solutions, today announces the launch of the industry's first carton made entirely from plant based, renewable packaging materials. The new Tetra Rex® carton will be the first in the market to have bio-based low-density polyethylene (LDPE) films and bio-based high-density polyethylene (HDPE) caps, both derived from sugar cane, in addition to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC (TM)) certified paperboard.

Ajinomoto Tops Global Food Industry Patent Rankings in Technology Strength

30 Sept - Ajinomoto Co., Inc. retained its no. 1 spot in the Food, Beverage and Tobacco segment of New Jersey-based The Patent Board's quarterly Patent Board Ranking of the world's major companies in its survey for the 13 weeks to the first week of April 2011 and the most recent survey for the 13 weeks to the first week of August.

Innovation Key Driver of European Ag Productivity, Competitiveness – Study

20 September 2012 - Against a backdrop of food-price spikes and calls for action on global food security, an assessment of the economic importance of a key class of crop protection chemicals has confirmed the value of hi-tech solutions for sustainable productive agriculture and underlined the essential contribution of research and development.

Juice Powder Concentrates Protect Athletes Against Protein Oxidation – Study

19 January 2009 - Vegetable and fruit juice concentrates seem to provide effective antioxidative protection against protein oxidation in athletes undergoing intensive training, according to a new Austrian study.

Cargill and BASF Plant Science Join Forces to Develop EPA/DHA Canola Oil

Minneapolis (USA) and Limburgerhof (Germany) - Nov. 2, 2011 - Cargill and BASF Plant Science today announced an agreement to co-develop a new dietary source of EPA/DHA that will make it easier for consumers globally to achieve optimal intakes of EPA- and DHA-rich omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Study Confirms that Low-Calorie Sweeteners Are Helpful in Weight Control

Atlanta, February 8, 2008 – A recent review of the scientific literature concluded that low-calorie (or no-calorie) sweeteners may be of help in resolving the obesity problem.

Experts to Unite in Cologne to Discuss Innovations in Bars & Grain Snacks

12 January 2012 - Bridge2Food is organising a two-day conference entitled '4th Healthy Bars & Grain Snacks 2012', which will focus on this industry segment's technological & innovative developments and challenges.

Cargill Opens R&D Centre in Brazil

7 June 2011 - Cargill has opened a 20,000 square metre innovation centre in Campinas, 100 km from Sao Paulo (Brazil) to develop food solutions, ingredients and applications.

Soufflet and INRA to Develop Innovative White Biotech Products

29 February 2012 – Jean-Michel Soufflet, chairman of the Soufflet Group's Executive Board, and Marion Guillou, Head of France's National Agricultural Research Institute (INRA), today signed a partnership agreement to closen their cooperation in the research sphere in order to develop innovative products, mainly from white biotechnology.

EFSA Consults on Guidelines on Food Enzymes

April 8 - The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has launched a public consultation on draft guidelines for the safety evaluation of food enzymes.

Netherlands: Danone Opens ‘Nutricia Research’ R&D Centre

1 October 2013 - Dutch Minister for Economic Affairs Henk Kamp has stated that the government's lobbying efforts have created Euro 827 million Euros in investments for the Dutch economy in the first half of 2013, generating 4,332 additional jobs. Minister Kamp made the announcement in Utrecht on 30 September at the opening of the new global research centre 'Nutricia Research', part of the French organisation Danone.

Tyson Foods Unveils New Innovations as Part of its Continued Evolution into Modern Food...

Feb. 20, 2018 - Tyson Foods, Inc. President and Chief Executive Officer Tom Hayes said today that Tyson Foods is well-positioned to meet the growing demand for protein. Speaking at the 2018 Consumer Analyst Group of New York conference, Hayes and members of Tyson Foods' enterprise leadership team shared with investors that the company is delivering on its strategy and driving growth across the company's portfolio of protein -- from its Chicken, Beef and Pork segments to Prepared Foods.

Coca-Cola and Illy to Launch Luxury Coffee Drink

April 10 - Coca-Cola and Italian coffee firm Illy are launching a ready-to-drink coffee in parts of Europe and the US, with further plans to break into the Japanese market later in the year.

Senomyx Announces Decision by Firmenich to Proceed with Commercial Development of S6973 Sucrose Enhancer

San Diego, Jan. 29 - Senomyx, Inc., a leading company focused on using proprietary technologies to discover and develop novel flavor ingredients for the food, beverage, and ingredient supply industries, announced today that Firmenich SA, the world's largest privately-owned fragrance and flavor company, has made a decision to proceed with commercial development of S6973, Senomyx's enhancer of sucrose (table sugar) that has demonstrated the ability to reduce up to 50% of the sugar in a variety of products while maintaining the taste of natural sugar.

DSM Introduces Tolerase L To Dietary Supplements Market

22 May 2012 – DSM is bringing its enzymes portfolio to dietary supplements manufacturers for the first time, as it looks to build on its position as a global leader in food enzymes. Tolerase(TM) L – a highly effective digestive aid for people who suffer from lactose intolerance – is the first enzyme to be launched to the market, as DSM looks to capitalize on increased consumer demand for products that support digestive health.

Fonterra Opens Dairy Nutrition Innovation Centre in Shanghai

21 May 2012 - Fonterra has opened a new dairy nutrition innovation centre in Shanghai.

FEATURE: Taste Counts – Expanding Senomyx on the ‘Lookout’ for New Food Industry Collaborations

17 October 2008 - What do Cadbury, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Campbell Soup, Ajinomoto, Solae and Firmenich all have in common? – The answer is: They all work with US biotechnology company Senomyx, Inc.

Symrise Opens Green Chemistry Laboratory

31 October 2013 - Symrise is opening a catalysis laboratory to advance its strategic research focus in green chemistry:

Norway: Borregaard Receives Support for Innovation Projects

15 January 2014 - Borregaard has received a pledge for a NOK 12.4 million grant from Innovation Norway. The funds will be used over three years in the field of innovation projects based on products from biomass.

Personal Genomes May Lead to Personalized Vitamin Supplements

Berkeley, June 2 – As the cost of sequencing a single human genome drops rapidly, with one company predicting a price of $100 per person in five years, soon the only reason not to look at your "personal genome" will be fear of what bad news lies in your genes. University of California, Berkeley, scientists, however, have found a welcome reason to delve into your genetic heritage: to find the slight genetic flaws that can be fixed with remedies as simple as vitamin or mineral supplements.

Nestle Grows 140,000 Disease Resistant Cocoa Trees

Jan 28 - Nestle has cultivated 140,000 disease-resistant cocoa trees to distribute to farmers in Ivory Coast and should boost that number to 1 million per year by 2012, a company executive said on Thursday.

Agilent Technologies and FDA Collaborate to Improve Testing for Salmonella

20 March 2012 – Agilent Technologies Inc. today announced that it has entered into a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to develop new tools to detect and analyze pathogens in food.

Ashland to Expand Pharmaceutical Center of Excellence in Delaware

6 March 2013 – Ashland Inc. today announced plans to expand its pharmaceutical research and development Center of Excellence at the Ashland Research Center in Wilmington.

US Researchers Explore Secrets to Superb Malting Barleys

3 February 2010 - Many favorite breakfast cereals, candies, beers, and other foods and beverages owe much of their smooth, delicious flavor to malt. Malting barleys--the source of that malt--are the focus of studies at the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) malting barley laboratory in Madison, Wis., part of the agency's Cereal Crops Research Unit.

New Methods Developed to Detect, Measure Potato Phytonutrients

May 19 - Potatoes are America's number one vegetable crop. Per capita, Americans consume about 130 pounds annually. Worldwide, it's the fourth largest crop after wheat, rice, and corn. But it's a wonder that the potato makes it to the dinner table at all, given the myriad pests and diseases that can take hold well before harvest.

UK: Domino’s First Large Delivery Chain to Provide Gluten-Free Pizza

Nov. 14 - Domino's Pizza, the pizza delivery expert, is to launch a new gluten-free pizza on Monday.

CSM Officially Opens New Innovation Center in Germany

Diemen, the Netherlands, June 26, 2008 – CSM's new state-of-the-art Innovation Center in Bingen, Germany has officially been opened on June 26, 2008 with a ceremony attended by many customers and other guests.

Dyadic Netherlands to Develop Enzymes for EU-Funded Research Consortium

2 July 2012 - Dyadic International, Inc., a global biotechnology company focused on the discovery, development, manufacture and sale of enzymes and other proteins for the industrial enzyme, bioenergy, and biopharmaceutical industries, announced today that its research and development center in the Netherlands is a member of the Bio-Mimetic Project, a new multidisciplinary research consortium that has been awarded a EUR 3.5 million grant from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Community for Research, Technological Development and Demonstration Activities.

Irish Dairy Board Opens Office and Packaging Plant in Algeria

27 Sept - Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Simon Coveney TD, and Kevin Lane, CEO of the Irish Dairy Board (IDB) today opened the IDB's representative office in Oran, Algeria. In addition a new dedicated state of the art value added dairy packaging plant for Kerrygold has been commissioned.

Lesaffre Invests in New R&D Unit

20 May 2019- Lesaffre has opened a new research and development unit enabling Lesaffre to “validate the effectiveness of its existing and future products,...

IFF and Amyris Announce Completion of First Collaboration Phase

25 February 2014 - International Flavors & Fragrances Inc., a leading global creator of flavors and fragrances for consumer products, and Amyris, a leading renewable products company, today announced completion of the first phase of their collaboration to develop a specific set of renewable fragrance ingredients and agreement to move forward with the second phase of development.

Arla Foods Ingredients Begins Production of New Infant Nutrition Protein

June 25 - The world's first commercial production of a unique milk protein present in human milk is officially underway at Arla Foods Ingredients.

Chr. Hansen Re-Opens French R&D Centre

15 June 2011 - Chr. Hansen has re-opened its extended colour expertise centre in Montpellier, France. The facility is considered as the company's Mediterranean colour hub.

Wageningen Uni. Scientists Find New Defence Front Against the Potato Blight

In this week 'Nature Plants', scientists from Wageningen University, The Netherlands, and The Sainsbury Laboratory in Norwich, UK, report the identification of a resistance gene that enhances resistance against potato late blight from a South American wild relative of cultivated potatoes. The gene targets elicitin, a conserved protein with an important biological function, making it less likely that the pathogen will evolve to evade resistance.

DuPont Opens Application Development Center in India

21 August 2013 - Expanding its integrated science capabilities at the DuPont Knowledge Center in Hyderabad, India, DuPont today opened an Application Development Center focused on integrating advanced material science with other scientific disciplines for the automotive industry, enabling solutions for light-weighting, engine performance, comfort and safety.

Functional Technologies Announces Next Generation Acrylamide-Preventing Yeast Technology

Vancouver, BC — November 14, 2011 - Functional Technologies Corp. is pleased to report the development of a third (3rd) generation of its proprietary acrylamide-preventing (AP) yeast platform, wherein various improvements made to the Company's original underlying AP technology have enabled the yeast's capacity to degrade asparagine, the rate-limiting precursor to acrylamide, to be accelerated and elevated.

CAS Scientists Breed a New Cultivar of Physic Nut

April 1 - A research team headed by Prof. YANG Chengyuan with the CAS Xishuangbanna Botanical Garden (XSBG) has bred a new cultivar of physic nut (Jatropha curcas L.), an oil crop in the Spurge family. The new variety recently passed the acceptance check.

Penford Food Ingredients Licenses Resistant Potato Starch Technology

Centennial, Colorado, May 14, 2008 – Penford Food Ingredients, a leading manufacturer and marketer of ingredients for the processed food industry, announced today that it has entered into a sublicense agreement with MGP Ingredients, Inc., which grants to Penford the exclusive right to manufacture and sell resistant potato starch in the United States under a patent which is licensed to MGP Ingredients by the Kansas State University Research Foundation.

Tomatoes Found to Fight Sun Damage

April 28 - Tomatoes could be the new weapon in the fight against sun damage to the skin, research at the Universities of Newcastle and Manchester has revealed.

Teck and BASF in Partnership to Reduce Zinc Deficiency via Micronutrient Food Solutions

Davos, Switzerland, – January 27, 2012 – BASF SE, Ludwigshafen, Germany, and Teck Resources Limited, Vancouver, Canada, announced at the World Economic Forum today that they have signed a three year agreement to jointly develop innovative and affordable zinc fortification and supplementation solutions, with the goal of reducing zinc deficiency among 100 million people in developing countries by 2015.

D.D. Williamson Presents a Guide for Replacing Synthetic Food Color Additives

Louisville, Kentucky, January 23, 2008 - D.D. Williamson presents a naturally derived color blend solution guide for processors to replace the use of synthetic (certified) food color additives in foods and beverages.

Stepan Lipid Nutrition Introduces Omega-3 into US

May 21, 2014 – For more than a decade, Marinol® Omega-3 Triglycerides has been an ingredient of choice for food developers in the European infant nutrition, food and dietary supplement industries. Following on that success, Stepan Lipid Nutrition, a manufacturer of specialty lipids for food, nutrition and pharmaceutical products, will be making its U.S. debut in New York on June 2-3 at Ingredient Marketplace Booth 935.

Monsanto to Establish Facilities at North Carolina Research Campus to Accelerate R&D of Flavorful,...

Jan. 28, 2010 - Monsanto Company plans to become a part of the North Carolina Research Campus (NCRC), a one-of-a-kind facility under development in Kannapolis, North Carolina, and a strategic alliance with the David H. Murdock Research Institute (DHMRI).

Coca-Cola Enters Novel Flavour R&D Partnership

10 December 2010 - Coca-Cola is teaming up with Chromocell Corporation, a developer of novel flavour ingredients, to undertake flavour innovation research.

Arla Foods Ingredients New Application Centre in Denmark Ready to Go into Operation

29 October 2009 - Arla Foods Ingredients' new sophisticated application centre in Denmark is complete and ready to go into operation. International customers can expect great things of the purpose-built facility, which is designed to optimise development projects with the company's strong specialist teams.

Argentina: Arla Foods Ingredients Moves to New Offices and R&D Centre

1 March 2011 - Arla Foods Ingredients' South American subsidiary Arla Foods Ingredients S.A. has moved into new offices and application centre just outside Buenos Aires.

FEATURE: Novus International Grows Human Nutrition Business with Spanish Acquisition

26 May 2010 - Novus International, Inc., a leading animal health and nutrition firm, yesterday announced that it acquired the IQF Group, a Spanish producer of natural carotenoid pigments, essential oils, and other products for the feed industry, as well as a range of human health products under its IQF Nutrition division.

Beverage Consumption a Bigger Factor in Weight – Study

April, 2, 2009 - When it comes to weight loss, what you drink may be more important than what you eat, according to researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

UK: GBP15 Mil To Transform Food Manufacturing And Boost Economy

14 March 2012 – From using sound waves to cook, to foods that fill you up faster – up to £15 million is on offer to anyone who can come up with ways to transform food manufacturing and reduce waste, Food and Farming Minister Jim Paice announced today.

Grolsch’s Beer in a Jar: A New Experience for Lager Drinkers

9 July 2014 - Grolsch is launching a new way of drinking lager in Romania – 'The Jar'. The novel and creative packaging will attract experience-seeking consumers and build on the popularity of mason jars on-trade, Canadean predicts.

Eurofins Reinforces Footprint in Nordic Food Testing Market

18 December 2012 – Eurofins Scientific, the global leader in food, environment and pharmaceutical products testing services has signed an agreement to acquire a 92.5% majority stake in Viljavuuspalvelu Oy, the leading provider of agro and feed testing services in Finland.

FEATURE: New Danone Innovation Centre in Utrecht May Unite All Dutch, British and German...

13 October 2010 - Danone has signed an agreement to buy land in the Utrecht Science Park in the Netherlands. The company is expected to build a R&D centre on the site for its baby and medical nutrition operations: 'Specialised Nutrition'.

Givaudan Expands Flavour Innovation Centre in Singapore

24 November 2016 - Givaudan has invested CHF 5 million in an expansion of its Flavour Innovation Centre (FIC) in Singapore.

Olam Opens Cocoa Innovation Centre in Illinois

27 April 2017 - Today, Olam Cocoa marks the opening of its latest Cocoa Innovation Centre (CIC) in Willowbrook, Illinois, just outside of Chicago. The new facility will provide important innovation capabilities to support Olam Cocoa's North American customers.

Bunge Opens Culinary Center in Illinois

25 July 2012 - Bunge North America has said it is expanding the Bunge Ingredient Innovation Center (BIIC) in Bradley, Illinois to include a full service culinary center fitted with an industrial kitchen.

IHOP Enters into a Partnership with The Quaker Oats Company

07 September 2012 - IHOP(R), America's favorite breakfast place, today announced a new partnership with The Quaker Oats Company resulting in the creation of a proprietary blend of oatmeal, and the first jointly developed breakfast item between the two iconic brands. This partnership also marks the first time The Quaker Oats Company has ever partnered to create a branded item specifically for the Family Dining restaurant segment. IHOP's new oatmeal blends three different types of oats to offer unique flavors and textures.

Condiments Manufacturer Mizkan Opens New Research & Development Facility

28 March 2012 - Mizkan Americas, a leading condiment manufacturer, today announced it will strengthen its speed to market and offer quicker turn-around times by opening a new Research and Development (R&D) facility in Lake Alfred, Florida. Mizkan Americas' U.S. headquarters will remain in Mt. Prospect, Illinois.

DSM Launches Rapidase Enzyme

8 July 2014 - DSM today launches Rapidase® Pro Color for colored berry juice alongside a report demonstrating the contributions enzymes make to a greener and healthier planet.

Rhodia Highlights Vanillin & Ethyl Vanillin Manufacturing Technology

16 June 2011 - At the IFT 11 Food Expo, Rhodia highlighted its industry-leading food-safe and sustainable technology for manufacturing Rhovanil® Extra Pure vanillin and Rhodiarome® Extra Pure ethyl vanillin. Rhodia's facilities in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Saint-Fons, France, recently converted several steps of their manufacturing process to the use of food grade bio-ethanol as a solvent.

Azelis Opens Laboratory Suite in the UK

10 November 2014 - Azelis has made a significant investment in laboratory facilities at its UK site in Hertford as part of a strategic review across its businesses;designed to drive sustainable, profitable growth and extend value-added services for principals and customers.

Bisphenol A May Cause Heart Disease in Women, Research Shows

Cincinnati, 10 June 2009 - New research by a team of scientists at the University of Cincinnati shows that bisphenol A (BPA) may be harmful for the heart, particularly in women.

BioAmber and Cargill to Partner in Succinic Acid Development

6 January 2011 - Canadian renewable chemical company BioAmber has announced that it is developing a new generation microorganism to produce biobased succinic acid under exclusive license from Cargill.

IFF Opens Facility in Dubai

2 November 2011 - International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF) has opened its new flavour and fragrance facility in Dubai.

Probiotics: Symrise and Probi Sign Joint R&D Agreement

Dec. 20 - Symrise and Probi sign joint research and development agreement Probi has signed a research and development agreement with the German company Symrise, a leading manufacturer of flavours, fragrances, cosmetics and health ingredients.

University College Cork Makes Bread Last Longer

5 October 2009 - Food scientists at University College Cork have developed a revolutionary method to increase the shelf-life of bread by up to 14 days, a breakthrough that has now been patented and licensed to Puratos, the Belgian-based multinational food ingredients company.

Scientific Opinion on Safety of Polyvinylpyrrolidone-vinyl Acetate Copolymer as a Food Additive

Dec 22 - Following a request from the European Commission, the Panel on Food Additives and Nutrient Sources added to Food (ANS) was asked to deliver a scientific opinion on polyvinylpyrrolidone-vinyl acetate (PVP/VA) copolymer when used as a food additive.

Nestle Boosts Research in Maternal Nutrition and Epigenetics

29 December 2014 – Nestlé is to intensify its research in the field of epigenetics, the science of how eating behaviours and other environmental factors can affect your genes, health and that of your offspring, for future generations to come.

Researchers Discover Molecular Gatekeeper in Enzyme

16 February 2009 - Researchers from Wageningen University, along with colleagues from the University of Groningen and the University of Pavia (Italy), have unravelled the mechanism that plays a role in the natural production of vitamin C.

Full Throttle® Energy Drink Gives Coffee A ‘Kick’ With Launch Of New Full Throttle...

Atlanta, June 27, 2008 - Premium coffee gets "fully charged" with the launch of Full Throttle Coffee, a creamy coffee and energy blend set to be unleashed in the U.S. Pacific Northwest and Southeast regions this month before rolling out nationally in August.

China’s Zhejiang Garden Biochemical to Develop its Own Cholesterol for Use in Vitamin D3...

19 February 2009 - Chinese Vitamin D3 giant Zhejiang Garden Biochemical has announced new developments in the production of cholesterol, a key raw material for Vitamin D3. This will further enhance the integration of its production process and safeguard its leadership in the market, the company said.

Flavored Milk Really Does a Child’s Body Good

Sacramento, California, April 16 - Kids and teens, pour yourselves a tall one. Chocolate, vanilla or strawberry milk, that is. New research shows that drinking flavored milk increases overall milk intake and improves nutrition without adding extra weight.

Probi AB and Wageningen University Enter Research Collaboration

24 March 2015 - Probi AB today announces a four-year collaborative research agreement with Professor Michiel Kleerebezem at the Host Microbe Interactomics Group at Wageningen University.

Arcadia, Dupont To Develop Specialty Nutritional Oil

11 April 2013 – Arcadia Biosciences, Inc. and DuPont Pioneer today announced a formal collaboration to develop a high-value, specialty nutritional oil for global consumer markets.

Martek Signs Multi-Year Agreement in China with Feihe Dairy

June 3 - Martek Biosciences Corporation announced today that it has entered into a multi-year DHA and ARA agreement with Feihe Dairy, a wholly owned subsidiary of American Dairy, Inc.

Nestle Opens R&D Centre in West Africa to Improve Local Agricultural Crops

Vevey, 30 April 2009 - Nestlé today inaugurated a new R&D centre in Abidjan in the presence of Ivorian government representatives including Amadou Gon Coulibaly, Agriculture Minister, Ibrahima Bacongo Cissé, Scientific Research Minister, Gabriel Lohoury-Guigui, Special Advisor for Scientific Research to the Head of State, and Nestlé CEO Paul Bulcke.

Japan: Fuji Chemical Industry to Develop Astaxanthin Health Supplements for Food Industry

8 August 2006 - Japanese chemical maker Fuji Chemical Industry has confirmed to FLEXNEWS that the company opened a laboratory in Toyama, central Japan, on 1 August 2006, in order to develop health supplements for use in the food industry.

Rhodia Obtains FSSC 22000 for Rhovanil and Rhodiarome

29 November 2011 - Rhodia Aroma Performance's production site in Saint-Fons, France and its sister site at Baton Rouge, Louisiana in the U.S.A., where they manufacture the company's flagship vanillin and ethyl-vanillin brands Rhovanil® and Rhodiarome®, have been awarded the prestigious Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) 22000.

UK Child Hyperactivity Study Prompts Confectionery Firms to Remove Artificial Food Colours

13 September 2007 - A study published by researchers at the University of Southampton last week demonstrates that young children who consume food and drinks containing the mixture of artificial colours and the preservative sodium benzoate have increased levels of hyperactivity.

The David Beckham Academy and Findus Launch MEGAO3 Omega-3 Supplement Globally

London, April 26 - Findus Ltd. is Pleased to Announce it has Entered Into a Relationship Between its New MEGAO3 Omega-3 Supplement Brand and The David Beckham Academy.

Scientific Study: Simultaneous Determination of Caffeic Acid, Ferulic Acid and Isoferulic Acid in Rabbit...

A simple and sensitive high performance liquid chromatographic method with reverse-phase column for the simultaneous quantification of caffeic acid, ferulic acid, and isoferulic acid in rabbit plasma was developed.

Eurofins Expands Microbiology Division in California

9 December 2014 - Eurofins Scientific announces the opening of a microbiology laboratory in Garden Grove, CA. This site will be co-located with CAL Science, an environmental laboratory acquired by the Eurofins Group earlier this year. The new laboratory will be open for business in early 2015.

Natural Trans Fats Have Health Benefits, University of Alberta Study Shows

April 2 - Contrary to popular opinion, not all trans fats are bad for you. University of Alberta researcher Flora Wang found that a diet with enriched levels of trans vaccenic acid (VA) – a natural animal fat found in dairy and beef products – can reduce risk factors associated with heart disease, diabetes and obesity

EFSA Launches Public Consultation on Guidance for Risk Assessment of Nanomaterials in Food and...

14 January 2011 - The European Food Safety Authority has launched a public consultation on its draft guidance document for engineered nanomaterial (ENM) applications in food and feed.

Gene Codes Cracked for Strawberries and Chocolate

Dec 28 - Teams of scientists have cracked the genetic codes of the wild strawberry and a certain type of cacao used to make fine chocolate, work that should help breeders develop better varieties of more mainstream crops.

Cargill’s $15 Mln Investment Drives Alginate Business Expansion in France

11 September 2013 - Cargill is making a US$15 million investment to upgrade and expand its French alginates production plant – a key part of its strategy to provide a sustainable supply of high quality, competitive alginates for the food and pharmaceutical markets.

McDonald’s to Bring Sustainable Fish to Millions in Europe

June 9 - In a landmark move for sustainability, McDonald's has today announced that over 13 million customers every day across Europe will be able to buy Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified sustainable fish in McDonald's restaurants from October this year.

US Researchers Investigate Natural Compounds in Cranberries

17 August 2012 - Cranberries are already known to be rich in fiber, and to provide vitamin C and potassium, both of which are essential nutrients. But the tart, colorful berries are also a source of natural compounds known as polyphenols. These compounds have been the focus of a series of studies by former U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) chemist Ronald L. Prior and his colleagues.

FEATURE: New Coffee Giant D.E Master Blenders 1753 Plans Innovations in All Categories

11 June 2012 - Sara Lee Corporation's international tea and coffee business, known as D.E Master Blenders 1753 since mid-March, is planning to kick-start its new coffee strategy once it becomes a separate entity after the June 28th spin-off.

Senomyx And Firmenich Amend Sweet Taste Program Agreement

11 April 2013 – Senomyx, Inc. a company using proprietary taste science technologies to discover, develop, and commercialize novel flavor ingredients, and Firmenich, the world's largest privately-owned fragrance and flavor company, announced today that the companies have amended and restated their Sweet Taste Program collaboration agreement.

3D Systems and Hershey Team Up To Deliver 3D Printed Edibles

January 16, 2014 – 3D Systems today announced that it entered into a multi-year joint development agreement with The Hershey Company, the largest producer of quality chocolate in North America and a global leader in chocolate, sweets and refreshment, to explore and develop innovative opportunities for using 3D printing technology in creating edible foods, including confectionery treats.

McCormick’s Schwartz Opens Technical Centre in UK

2 June 2011 - UK spice firm Schwartz, owned by McCormick, has opened a new GBP 1.5 million technical innovation centre in Haddenham, Buckinghamshire.

Puratos Gets EUR 45 Mln Financing for Health and Nutrition R-D-I Program

23 April 2013 - EIB financing Puratos R-D-I programme aiming at healthier and more nutritious components in the food industry

Coca-Cola Developing Drinks from Chinese Herbal Cures

31 July 2008 - Coca-Cola is believed to be developing a new range of drinks made from Chinese herbal remedies.

Philippine Researcher Discovers Cheaper Way to Produce Lactic Acid

27 March 2008 - A researcher from the University of the Philippines in Mindanao has recently been awarded a prize by the Philippine Council for Industry and Energy Research and Development for having developed a technology to produce inexpensive lactic acid from sago palm.

Lipotype and Nestle Institute of Health Sciences Collaborate on Lipidomics Research

13 October 2015 - Lipotype GmbH, a Max-Planck spin-off company, and the Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences (NIHS) collaborate to employ the innovative Lipotype Shotgun Lipidomics Technology to analyse lipids in blood for nutritional re-search. Recently, Lipotype and NIHS jointly published results of the robust-ness of the Lipotype Technology.

Nutraceuticals May Have Antioxidative Potential and Can Prevent Muscle Damage, But Risks and Effects...

8 April 2008 - Nutraceuticals can produce positive effects with respect to oxidative stress, performance and stabilisation of the immune system – this was the general conclusion drawn up by experts at the 5th Symposium of the European Nutraceutical Association (ENA) that took place on 1 March 2008 in Stuttgart, Germany.

Ageing Population and Availability of Preventative Medicines Propels Growth of European Eye Health Ingredients...

London, 9 March 2009 - Rising numbers of baby boomers with eye-ailments and soaring medical costs are causing European consumers to demand innovative diet supplements to protect their eyes and curb any potential eye care-related expenses. The ability of supplements to alleviate blinding diseases such as age-related macular degeneration and glaucoma has opened up lucrative growth avenues in the market.

Trident Brands Announces Product Development Support from DSM

1 August 2014 - Trident Brands, Inc., an emerging growth company focused on identifying and buildinggrowth brands in dynamic consumer segments, today announcedthat it is working with DSM for product design andsupply of its line of Everlastnutrition supplements, targeted towards health conscious women and men aspiring to reach their fitness and health goals.

Huge Variation in Salt Content of Processed Food – Research

27 January 2010 - Many processed foods contain too much salt, and sauces, spreads, and processed meats are the top offenders, new research shows.

Next Step in R&D Cooperation Between AVEBE and BASF Plant Science

Foxhol, the Netherlands and Limburgerhof, Germany, April, 15th 2011 - The potato starch manufacturer AVEBE and the plant biotechnology company BASF Plant Science confirmed today the next step in their cooperation to develop genetically enhanced amylopectin starch potatoes.

Puratos Opens Industrial Patisserie Competence Center in Brussels

Groot-Bijgaarden, 16 February 2010 - In order to better understand and respond to the special requirements of the industrial patisserie sector, Puratos has opened an Industrial Patisserie Competence Center (IPPC). The IPCC focuses on research of patisserie industrial processes, the development of industrial applications and the training of customers and clients.

European Food Safety Authority to Further Evaluate Study on Food Colours and Behaviour

Sept. 28 - Scientists at the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) have completed an initial consideration of new research commissioned by the UK Food Standards Agency on food colours and hyperactivity in children and have decided a further detailed assessment of the study is required.

Brenntag Opens Food Application Centre in Poland

26 September 2014 - Brenntag, the global market leader in chemical distribution, has opened a new Food Application centre in Zgierz, Poland.

EFSA’s Initial Findings Rejects Most Health Claims Made by Food Manufacturers

25 August – The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has raised question marks over a number of health claims made by food manufacturers about their products after refusing to endorse almost 90% of them as it delivered the first of its opinions.

BASF Targets Vegetarian, Allergen-Free Supplement Market with Vitamin A Formulation

September 21 2006 - BASF has launched what it calls a 'unique vitamin A formulation', Dry Vitamin A Acetate 250 DC/GFP. The product is aimed at food supplement manufacturers for inclusion in multivitamin tablets across all global markets.

PepsiCo Releases Organic Gatorade in US

01 September 2016- PepsiCo has released an organic version of their sports hydration drink Gatorade, which is being called G Organic. The product is currently on shelf in certain Kroger supermarkets, according to PepsiCo, and after its official launch this fall, the product will be available in select grocery, natural, and convenience stores, as well as on Amazon and

Ecolab and DuPont to Collaborate on New Antimicrobial Technologies for the Food and Beverage...

St. Paul, Minn., Jun. 29 - Ecolab Inc. announced today that it has entered into a marketing agreement with DuPont to commercialize new antimicrobial coating technologies for the food and beverage processing industry that will reduce the risk of environmental contamination by enhancing food facility hygiene.

Probiotic Cultures Remain Affected by Uncertainty Around EU Health Claims, Says Chr. Hansen

3 November 2011 - Chr. Hansen, which earlier today reported a strong 2010-2011 full-year performance with a 15% increase in revenue at 636 million euro, has expressed concern about the documentation supporting EU health claims on functional foods for its next financial year.

Nestlé Launches Bioplastic Caps for Milk Brands in Brazil

July 29 - Nestlé Brazil, in a partnership with Tetra Pak and Braskem, is launching two of its popular milks brands in a package with a polyethylene (PE) cap using a renewable resource.

WILD Launches Global Research & Innovation Group

14 June 2012 - WILD Flavors GmbH (WILD) has created a Global Research and Innovation Group (R&I), headquartered in Zug, Switzerland.

France: Syral Strengthens Innovation with New Centre of Excellence in Marckolsheim

23 December 2008 - One year after acquiring five European Tate & Lyle plants, SYRAL is strengthening its innovation capabilities by building a new centre of excellence next to SYRAL's European headquarters in Marckolsheim (France).

EFSA Consults on Draft Opinion on Nanotechnologies and Food and Feed Safety

17 Oct, 2008 - EFSA is today launching a public consultation on its draft scientific opinion in relation to nanoscience and nanotechnologies and food and feed safety.

Diageo Invests in Sustainable Scotch Whisky with New Bio-Energy Plant

5 Sept - DIAGEO, the world's leading premium drinks business, announced plans to invest £6million in a new state-of-the-art bioenergy plant at its Glenlossie distillery complex in Speyside.

Danisco First with Sustainable Emulsifier

20 January 2009 - Used mainly to bind oil and water in food, these emulsifiers are based on sustainable palm oil or sustainable palm kernel oil. The new sustainable emulsifier meets the increasing consumer demand for ethically correct consumer goods.

Olam SVI Unveils Innovation and Quality Centre in California

August 27, 2013 – Olam Spices & Vegetable Ingredients launches its Innovation and Quality (IQ) centre at Company headquarters in Fresno, Calif., consolidating its research and development teams for dehydrated vegetables, frozen vegetables, tomato products and spices to one central location.

Sleep Aids for Adults – A Growing Market for Food and Drink Producers

5 December 2007 - Japanese dairy company Nakazawa Foods in October of this year launched a super-premium milk product called "Adult Milk" in the US. The company is targeting today's stressed-out adults in the need for sleep.

FEATURE: Barry Callebaut Hopeful for Terra Cacao as Consumers Seek Pure Taste

18 October 2011 - Barry Callebaut is very hopeful for its new line of Terra Cacao products, which it expects to promote further at Food Ingredients Europe in Paris at the end of November.

Kerry Ingredients to Expand R&D Facility in Wisconsin

31 January 2012 - Kerry Ingredients & Flavours is expanding its customer center of excellence in Beloit, Wisconsin, to include a new Cell Science laboratory, which will require a USD 10 million investment.

SunOpta Opens New Innovation Center

24 June 2015 - SunOpta Inc., a leading global company focused on organic, non-genetically modified and healthy foods, announced today that is has enhanced its research and development platform with the opening of its new SunOpta Innovation Center at the company's offices in Edina, Minn.

Neogen Acquires VeroMara from GlycoMar

June 20 - Neogen Corporation announced today that it has acquired the assets of the VeroMara seafood testing laboratory from its parent company, GlycoMar Ltd.

Scientists Create ‘Feel Fuller’ Food Ingredient

11 December 2014 – British scientists have developed an ingredient that makes foods more filling, and say initial tests in overweight people showed that it helped prevent them gaining more weight.

DSM Nutritional Products Launches Allergen-free ß-Carotene

7 Sept - DSM Nutritional Products introduces ß-carotene 10% Emulsion Red for improved performance in food and beverage applications.

Atrium Announces Multi-Year Commitment to Nutrition Research

June 20 - Atrium Innovations Inc., a recognized leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of professionally endorsed, science-based dietary supplements for the health and nutrition industry, today announced a multi-year commitment to nutrition research and to a comprehensive program focusing on metabolic syndrome.

Ireland: Kerry Group Opens Global Technology & Innovation Centre

1 October 2015 - Kerry Group, the global taste & nutrition and consumer foods group, today opened a new Global Technology & Innovation Centre to serve the Group's global and regional customers in the EMEA [Europe, Middle East and Africa] region.

Nestle Opens Indian R&D Centre

8 November 2012 - Nestle has opened a new CHF 50 million R&D facility in Manesar close to Nestle India's headquarters in Gurgaon.

US: BASF Expands with Opening of New Nutrition Ingredients Innovation Laboratory

June 14 – BASF plans to strengthen its support services for the food and beverage industry and has established a new Nutrition Ingredients Innovation Laboratory at its technical center in Tarrytown, New York. BASF closed its existing laboratory in Ledgewood, New Jersey, on March 31, 2010.

Scientists Find Aphid Resistance in Black Raspberry

Oct. 31 - A U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) scientist and his commercial colleague have found black raspberries that have resistance to a disease-spreading aphid.

AkzoNobel and Partners Looking to Turn Sugar Beet into Raw Materials

25 November 2014 - AkzoNobel has joined forces with SuikerUnie, Rabobank, Deloitte, Investment and Development Agency for the Northern Netherlands (NOM), Groningen Seaports, and the Province of Groningen, to investigate the possibility of producing chemicals from beet-derived sugar feedstock.

Antifungal Pepper Compound Has Potential in Agriculture and Medicine – US Study

9 July 2009 - Dried, ground cayenne peppers have been spicing up cuisine for thousands of years. Now, Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists and colleagues have found that a patented antifungal plant compound in cayenne, called CAY-1, holds promise for dual use as an antifungal in both agriculture and medicine.

Chr. Hansen Expands Milwaukee-Based Headquarters

13 June 2012 – Chr. Hansen's Global Expertise Center for Prepared Foods in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US has developed natural color solutions for a variety of prepared foods. The prepared foods team will bring the complete range to the Institute of Food Technologists show in Las Vegas, US, June 25-28, 2012 ('IFT12').

Senomyx Announces Initiation of Development Activities for Bitter Blockers

San Diego, Feb 9 - Senomyx, Inc., a leading company focused on using proprietary technologies to discover and develop novel flavor ingredients for the food, beverage, and ingredient supply industries, announced today that it has initiated development activities for S0812 and additional new bitter blockers.

FEATURE: Alltech President Foresees End of MSG as Company Partners Japanese Ingredient JV

Alltech has announced its involvement in a joint venture between global trading company Mitsui and Japanese brewer Asahi Breweries to develop an innovative range of natural food flavourings, including an alternative to products such as monosodium glutamate (MSG).

New Sino-Dutch Research And Development Centre To Improve Chinese Dairy

China Agricultural University (CAU), Wageningen UR (University and Research Centre) and Dutch dairy company FrieslandCampina, today signed an agreement to establish a China-based Sino-Dutch Dairy Development Centre (SDDDC).

Roquette Invests in Potential of Microalgae; Aims for Microalgae-Containing Food Products on Market by...

10 December 2008 - As part of its 40 million euro a year R&D investment programme, starch giant Roquette is planning an extra focus on microalgae as a nutritional ingredient.

Fuji Oil Opens Food R&D Center in Singapore

9 March 2015 - Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. today officially opened Asia R&D Center in the Galen at Singapore Science Park II. As the first R&D facility set up by Fuji Oil outside of Japan, the center is dedicated to the creation of safe, tasty and healthy food products for the Asian markets.

BASF Introduces Newtrition for Human Nutrition Market

Ludwigshafen – May 14, 2013 – On the occasion of the trade shows Vitafoods Europe 2013 in Geneva and IFIA Japan 2013 in Tokyo, BASF will officially launch its global brand Newtrition(TM), which is dedicated to the human nutrition market, as well as its new global market initiative Live Newtrition(TM).

Unlocking the Metabolic ‘Master Switch’ to Echo Exercise Effect

19 November 2014 - Research by Nestlé scientists suggests that future food and nutritional products could emulate the effects of exercise on the body's metabolism.

Kikkoman Opens New R&D Lab in US to Study Food Flavour, Functionality and Fortification

11 September 2008 - Kikkoman Corporation, the world's leading soy sauce producer, has opened a new research & development laboratory at the University of Wisconsin-Madison research park. The lab will be Kikkoman's first in the US, the company's largest market outside of Japan.

Eurofins Acquires Pan Labs US

21 September 2012 – Eurofins Scientific, Inc. the world leader in analytical support to the global pharmaceutical market, announces the signing of an agreement to acquire the Pan Labs pharmacology unit that was formerly operated by Ricerca Biosciences LLC and MDS Pharma.

Innovations in Coffee Pod Technology: Necessary or Superfluous?

Mar. 25 - At the 2014 International Home + Housewares Show that took place on March 15-18th in Chicago, three new coffee pod machines stood out from the crowd: the VertuoLine, by Nespresso, the Keurig 2.0 by Keurig Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, and the iCup by Remington.

Merisant Launches Sweetener Following EU Stevia Approval

16 November 2011 - The European Commission has approved last Saturday the regulation of Stevia extracts (steviol glycosides) for use as sweetener products and as food additives at an EU level. This approval means Merisant, a global market leader in table top sweeteners, will launch its Stevia-based tabletop sweetener, Canderel Green®, available to the European consumers on December 2nd 2011.

BASF Invests 6 Million Euro in Food Ingredient Formulations at Danish Plant

15 April 2010 - BASF has invested over Euro 6 million in the optimization and upgrade of the Ballerup site for food ingredient formulations in Denmark.

Nestle Devises New Technology to Possibly Lower Sugar in Chocolate

1 December 2016 - Imagine if your favourite chocolate bar tasted just as good, but with much less sugar. This could soon be a reality, thanks to a major breakthrough by Nestlé scientists.

The Hain Celestial Group Announces Joint Venture With Hutchison China Meditech Limited to Develop...

Melville, N.Y., Oct. 8 - The Hain Celestial Group, Inc., a leading natural and organic products company, today announced the signing of a joint venture agreement with Hutchison China Meditech Ltd., the majority owned subsidiary of Hutchison Whampoa Limited.

Plant Foods for Preserving Muscle Mass – US Study

23 May 2008 - Fruits and vegetables contain essential vitamins, minerals and fiber that are key to good health. Now, a newly released study by Agricultural Research Service (ARS)-funded scientists suggests plant foods also may help preserve muscle mass in older men and women.

New Zealand: Charlie’s Launches Vitamin Water

5 November 2008 - Locally owned and operated beverage brand Charlie's has today confirmed its entrance into the Vitamin Water drinks category. 'Charlie's Vitamin Water' will be 'Prescribed Drinking' this summer as consumers join the world wide trend towards waters loaded with essential vitamins and minerals.

Irish Dairy Board Opens Dairy Innovation Plant in UK

14 October 2011 - Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Shane McEntee T.D. today officially opened the Irish Dairy Board's (IDB) new state of the art Adams Food Ingredients (AFI) manufacturing centre in Leek, Staffordshire.

Evonik Opens New Facility For Health Care Business In Darmstadt

30 January 2014 - At the beginning of 2014 Evonik will open a new facility in Darmstadt to host the manufacturing and development of RESOMER® products as well as some formulation development activities for customers' drug products.

FEATURE INTERVIEW: Opportunities in Weight Management Ingredients

10 December 2012 - Changes in diet, in developed and developing countries, is contributing to the global rise in obesity. To tackle what the media has labelled the 'obesity epidemic', the food and drink industry continues to gear its efforts to find long-term, sustainable weight management solutions.

Mane Argentina and Fritzsche in Flavour Design R&D Patnership

20 October 2009 - Mane Argentina and Fritzsche announce integration partnership creating a new R&D and manufacturing platform by bringing synergistic flavor design and technological expertise.

Niutang to Strengthen Presence in High Intensity Sweetener Industry with New Sucralose Product Launch

Brea, California, July 15, 2010 - Niutang Chemical, one of the leading manufacturers of sucralose in the world, announced today that it will introduce Niutang Liquid Sucralose at the International Food Technology (IFT) Annual Meeting and Food Expo in Chicago. Niutang Liquid Sucralose is the latest addition to the company's full line of high intensity sweeteners and will begin shipping in August. Samples will be available at Niutang's Booth #6422 throughout the IFT Show.

Ultraviolet Light Boosts Carrots’ Antioxidant Value

5 January 2011 - Exposing sliced carrots to UV-B, one of the three kinds of ultraviolet light in sunshine, can boost the antioxidant activity of the colorful veggie. That's according to preliminary studies by U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) research food technologist and research leader Tara H. McHugh. She is with the Agricultural Research Service (ARS), USDA's chief intramural scientific research agency.

Eight Infant Nutrition and Health R&D Projects Win Funding from DSM

29 Sept - Royal DSM, the Life Sciences and Materials Sciences Company, and the China Nutrition Society (CNS) recently announced that they are to fund eight projects through their joint nutrition funding initiative, the CNS Nutrition R&D Project Foundation.

PepsiCo, GNC to Launch Phenom Coconut Water

Nov 8 - PepsiCo Inc and GNC Holdings Inc are co-developing a new brand of coconut water called Phenom, the companies said on Monday, as they seek to capitalize on the drink's rising popularity.

Study: Overall Survival Advantage from Consumption of Milk and Dairy Foods

6 April 2009 - Prof Peter Elwood (University Cardiff) is convinced that the results of meta-analyses provide evidence of an overall survival advantage from the consumption of milk and dairy foods.

Provexis Announces Institute of Food Research Deal

April 26 - Provexis plc, the life-science business that discovers, develops and licenses scientifically-proven functional food, medical food and dietary supplement technologies, announces that it has entered into a long-term research and development collaboration agreement with the Institute of Food Research ("IFR") and Plant Bioscience Limited ("PBL') the technology transfer company for IFR.

FrieslandCampina Expects New R&D Centre in Wageningen to Open in 2012

8 October 2010 - Dutch dairy firm FrieslandCampina has announced plans to build a new research and development centre on the campus of Wageningen University. The new R&D centre is expected to be operational in H2 2012.

Nestlé Steps Up Its Research And Development In Switzerland

31 August 2012 – Nestlé is boosting its research and development in Switzerland by extending its Product Technology Centre (PTC) in Konolfingen.

Nestle Targets Europe’s Small Businesses with Launch of New Coffee Machine

7 February 2012 - Nestlé has launched a new coffee machine designed to appeal to Europe's small businesses.

FEATURE: Hillshire Brands to Grow Meat-Centric Food Innovation

5 September 2012 - Talking to investors in Boston today, Sean Connolly, CEO of Hillshire Brands Company (formerly known as Sara Lee Corp.'s North American Retail and Foodservice business), reconfirmed company plans to become the most innovative meat-centric food company in the US.

Study: Spices May Protect Against Consequences of High Blood Sugar

Athens, Ga. – Herbs and spices are rich in antioxidants, and a new University of Georgia study suggests they are also potent inhibitors of tissue damage and inflammation caused by high levels of blood sugar.

Danisco to Invest 60 Mln Euro in Cultures Production Capacity Over Next 3 Years

18 August 2009 - Danisco has announced investments totalling 60 million euros that will add more than 2,000 tonnes to its existing cultures production capacity over the next three years. These investments will meet growing global demand for frozen and freeze-dried Direct Vat Inoculants (DVI) and reinforce Danisco's leading market position as a cultures supplier.

Mars and Fairtrade International Announce Collaboration

27 Sept - Mars Chocolate and Fairtrade International today announced a new agreement to introduce the first Fairtrade labeled Mars product and to work together to enable farmers to have sustainable livelihoods and substantially increased productivity.

Asia Sugar-Brazil Backlogs Lift Raw Premiums

May 18 - Thai raw sugar was traded at its highest premiums since early May as backlogs in top producer Brazil stoked concerns about supply, but whites slipped because of competition from Indian sweetener, dealers said on Wednesday.

Danisco Enters Phytosterol Partnership

5 April 2011 - Danisco has announced the signing of a long-term agreement with Arboris LLC to market their phytosterols, which are used to reduce cholesterol.

Amino Acid Studies May Aid Battle Against Citrus Greening Disease

14 January 2013 - Amino acids in orange juice might reveal secrets to the successful attack strategy of the plant pathogen that causes citrus greening disease, also known as Huanglongbing or HLB. Studies of these amino acids by U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) chemist Andrew P. Breksa III and University of California-Davis professor Carolyn M. Slupsky may pave the way to a safe, effective, environmentally friendly approach to undermine Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus, the microbial culprit behind HLB.

Genetically Engineered Cow Makes Anti-Allergy Milk

02 October 2012 - Researchers in New Zealand have genetically engineered a cow to produce milk with very little of a protein that causes an allergic reaction in some children.

PepsiCo Opens R&D Center in Shanghai

13 November 2012 - PepsiCo, Inc. today announced the opening of a new food and beverage innovation center in Shanghai, China. The state-of-the-art facility, which is PepsiCo's largest research and development center outside of North America, will serve as a hub of new product, packaging and equipment innovation for PepsiCo's businesses throughout Asia.

Abbott to Build Nutrition Manufacturing Facility in Ohio

1 March 2012 - Abbott today announced plans to build a nutrition manufacturing facility in Tipp City, Ohio, to produce two of the company's fastest-growing adult brands, Ensure® and Glucerna®, for the North America market. Abbott will invest $270 million in the facility and will employ approximately 240 people. Groundbreaking is expected in April with the plant operational in late 2013.

Kemira ChemSolutions and Dr. Paul Lohmann Join Forces on Meat Safety

Oct. 13 - Kemira's ChemSolutions, the world's largest supplier of organic acids and salts, specialized in food safety has joined forces with Dr. Paul Lohmann GmbH KG, the world-wide market leader in the production of special salts.

Eurofins Opens UK Laboratory

3 October 2012 – The new home for Eurofins Testing UK, the purpose-built facility at the i54 Business Park, Wolverhampton has been officially opened on the 27th of September, 2012 by Jonathan Brenton, British Ambassador to Belgium.

DSM’s resVida® Resveratrol Improves Memory of Animals in New Study

7 June 2010 - DSM Nutritional Products has unveiled yet another study on its proprietary high purity resveratrol ingredient this week at the American Aging Association (AGE) annual conference. The new study focuses on the cognitive benefit of resVida® resveratrol and its ability to improve associative and spatial learning and memory performance in aged mice.

First Milk to Redevelop Cheese Packing Site at Maelor

7 March 2012 - First Milk has received the go-ahead to redevelop its cheese packing site at Maelor near Wrexham, to create a UK centre of excellence for cheese packing and storage.

Algae Offers Excellent Opportunities for Bread Manufacturers

23 June 2014 - Seaweed is an important food source, especially in Asia. However, its use in baked goods is unheard of. With the recent discovery of brown algae as a replacement for salt, this situation could change.

BASF to Build Integrated Aroma Ingredients Complex In Malaysia

25 April 2013 – BASF and PETRONAS Chemicals Group Berhad (PCG) intend to invest USD 500 million (MYR 1.5 billion) in an integrated aroma ingredients project at their existing joint venture site BASF PETRONAS Chemicals in Gebeng, Kuantan.

FEATURE: Avebe’s Solanic Innovates with Unique Food Ingredients, Potato Proteins

23 April 2007 – Dutch Avebe, a leading starch company active in the food, feed, paper, building, textiles and adhesives industries, went through a reorganisation and cost-reduction programme last year. The firm has recently made the news with the creation of an innovative and promisingly lucrative subsidiary named Solanic.

PepsiCo Opens New Haven Research Lab to Develop Healthier Products

New Haven, Conn., Dec. 8 - PepsiCo, one of the world's largest food and beverage companies, today announced it will open a long-term research laboratory in New Haven with a focus on the development of healthier food and beverage products.

Ecolab Expands Research Center in Brazil

12 June 2013 - Ecolab, the global leader in water, hygiene and energy technologies and services, has expanded its Research, Development & Engineering (RD&E) Center in Campinas, São Paulo. The expansion doubles the size of the RD&E facility to 1,300 square meters.

New Study Informs Blueberry Flavor Selection

4 September 2013 - The University of Florida's (UF) Blueberry Breeding Program has been developing successful blueberry cultivars for more than 60 years.

Tetra Pak Launches World’s First Aseptic Carton Bottle for Milk

May 16 - Tetra Pak, the world leader in food processing and packaging solutions, today launches the Tetra Evero Aseptic 1 litre, the first aseptic carton bottle for milk.

Language is Key in Communicating Benefits of Marine-Derived Functional Foods

25 March 2014 - Functional food incorporates science into everyday eating with the suggestion of many health benefits for the consumer, making it the fastest growing segment in the food market.

FEATURE: Chinese MSG Giant Fufeng to Double Production Capacity by 2012

15 June 2010 - Earlier this year, the world's largest producer of monosodium glutamate (MSG) announced record high results with a 2009 annual revenue increase of about 29.2% at RMB 4.6 billion and a 215% net profit growth at RMB 928.3 million.

Kellogg Launches Hot Cereal, Bars and Shakes

June 6, 2013 - Kellogg Company is introducing several new breakfast products to meet the changing needs and preferences of many of its consumers, including Special K(R) Nourish hot cereal and bars, and Kellogg's(R) To Go breakfast shakes.

China’s Yili Group Inaugurates New Dutch R&D Centre

Feb. 27, 2014 - The Chinese dairy industry has been facing a good beginning in the first month of the lunar year of the horse. On February 25 in the Netherlands, the highest standard overseas R&D Center of the Chinese dairy industry has been formally set up.

iFish Launches First Omega-3 Supplement in Taiwan That Can Be Added Directly To Food...

13 June 2007 - Ocean Nutrition Canada Limited (ONC), supplier of MEG-3® Omega-3 EPA/DHA fish oil ingredients to the global dietary supplement and healthy food markets, is pleased to announce that iFish has recently launched a line of Omega-3 nutritional supplements called Q+ Baby DHA Powder.

First Monomeric HALS Light Stabilizer for Food Contact Applications in Plastics Registered

March 16 - BASF's Uvinul® 4050 FF is the first monomeric hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS) registered for food contact in polymer applications. The product is compliant with EU Directive 2002/72/EC as last amended in Regulation (EC) No. 975/2009 and with Food-Contact Notification (FCN) 647 in the US.

Kraft Foods Opens Confectionery R&D Centre in Switzerland

5 October 2010 - Kraft Foods informed FLEXNEWS this morning that it officially inaugurated its 10.4 million euro "European Kraft Foods Gum and Candy Research & Development Centre" in Eysins, Switzerland.

PepsiCo Inaugurates Baking Category Innovation Center

13 June 2014 - The center supports PepsiCo Mexico and PepsiCo's strategy to drive growth through R&D across the company's portfolio.

Sensient Opens New Facilities in China and Costa Rica

16 December 2009 - Colour and flavour producer Sensient Technologies Corporation has opened two new facilities in China and one in Costa Rica.

Kerry in Talks to Acquire Cargill Flavor Systems

15 July 2011 – Kerry Group has announced that it is in exclusive talks with Cargill concerning the possibility of acquiring Cargill's global flavours business - Cargill Flavor Systems.

Senomyx Announces First Commercial Introduction of Food Products Containing Senomyx Flavor Ingredients by Nestle...

San Diego, June 5 - Senomyx, Inc., a leading company focused on using proprietary technologies to discover and develop new flavor ingredients for the packaged food and beverage industry, announced today that Nestle SA, the world's largest food company, has begun the initial commercial introduction of the first food products that contain Senomyx's savory flavor ingredients.

Sugary Drinks Linked to Higher Stroke Risk – Study

Oct 31 - Women who imbibe sugary soft drinks almost every day are 83 percent more likely to have a certain type of stroke than women who rarely drink sodas and other sweetened beverages, according to a Japanese study.

CSIRO and Clover to Develop New Ingredients for Infant Formulas

18 August 2011 - CSIRO and leading Australian ingredients manufacturer, Clover Corporation Limited, have agreed to work together on the development of the next generation of nutritional ingredients for infant formulas.

TreeHouse Foods Reaffirms Confidence in Single-Serve Coffee Segment

8 August 2014 – TreeHouse Foods recently announced the successful development of single-serve cups for the Keurig 2.0 machine, allaying concerns around the sustainability of its growth in this burgeoning segment.